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  2. Working with BUSINESS-IN-A-BUCKET INSTITUTE has been a person pleasure for me. Seeing hundreds of young lives changed for the better, while tears well up in their parents eyes. Kevin and Marva Jones embrace the entire community as their extended family. Thanks to both of you for your hard work and dedication! You are my mint toast, ahh, I meant mentors.

  3. Hey Kevin how are you doing ? Hope all is I am still holding on to dat job . You guys are doing a Fantastic job with Business in a bucket keep up the good work .

  4. Business In a Bucket has touched so many lives. You are to be commended for empowering today’s youth and giving them the skills and hope and ability to improve their lives. Vey well done!!!

  5. I can really appreciate the business in the bucket foundation.I believe it is a positive as well as lucrative opportunity for us all.When I think of business in the bucket and the foundation of it,I flash to when I was a kid and washing cars with my mothers dishwashing soap trying to earn me some candy and arcaid money.If I would’ve been introduced to products and a system such as business in a bucket at that time,I honestly believe I could have been on a better path in life.Why,because business in a bucket is a business that a kid can carry as well pay bills with.And its coming with a blue print on how to be successful with it.I think all parents should introduce there kids to business in A bucket.The kids are the future.Instilling kid friendly business to the youth is a positive look for our communities.Thanks”Business in A Bucket”.

  6. The Work you folks are doing for our community is awesome.

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